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Joint Replacement Surgeon in Delhi NCR

Dr Atul Mishra, a joint replacement surgeon in Delhi NCR, is the rare combination of great surgical expertise and newer technological adaptation in the field of joint replacement surgeries.

Computer Navigated minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is the latest advancement in Joint Replacement Surgery, making hip replacement & knee replacement highly safe, reliable, precise & sustainable for patients. Dr Atul Mishra has vast experience for performing many successful minimal invasive joint replacement, hip replacement & knee replacement surgeries using Computer Navigation Technology.

The State of the Art Computer Navigation Technology helps minimal invasive joint replacement surgeon to place the joint implant with 100% precision with correct anatomical alignment, zero error and significantly improving the implant longevity.

Minimal invasive joint replacement surgery is done through a smaller incision as compared to the conventional larger incision joint replacement surgery. The smaller incision has significant advantage over traditional large incision surgery in terms of less blood loss during procedure; a shorter stay is needed in hospital with faster recovery time. Based upon the condition of patients, an orthopedic surgeon determines which type of surgery is required for patient; therefore not every patient is fit for minimally invasive surgery joint replacement surgery.

result for total knee replacement

In Computer Navigation assisted joint replacement surgery a light emitting diodes are attached to the leg which communicate with camera attached to computer; therefore allowing the Joint Replacement Surgeon to see the digital reproduction of the entire procedure on computer in Operation Theater. With the help of this technology, a orthopaedic surgeon can precisely control every steps of joint replacement procedure & making it error free.

Dr Atul Mishra, a best joint replacement surgeon in Delhi NCR, has the advantage in Computer assisted joint replacement surgery by having the greater control & accuracy over the position of component, range of movement, ligament tensioning, and limb alignment with the help of viewing every step of procedure in the computer, making the overall joint replacement surgery without error; otherwise, without computer navigated technology, most of the time go unnoticed. Computer navigation helps to minimize the amount of surgical dissection and to ensure proper positioning of the implants.

Dr Atul Mishra uses very high quality implants, from high-density polyethylene to ceramics, titanium and steel, for knee & hip replacement.

  • Total knee replacement surgery
  • Revision Knee Replacement
  • Partial Knee Replacement
  • Minimal Invasive/Incision Knee Replacement
  • Computer Navigated Knee Replacement
  • Arthroscopy of the Shoulder
  • Arthroscopic Surgery | Sports Injuries
  • Joint Replacement Surgery