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STEP-UPS Works: Glutes, hamstrings, quads

Make sure your entire foot is on the step and your knee is directly above your ankle.Putting your weight on the heel of your elevated foot, step onto the foot, lift the opposite foot and tap the step and the floor.Switch when you've completed at least ten reps.To make this workout even more effective, do curls with light weights each time you step up. Our Neoprene Hand Weights are a great way to intensify these step-ups by adding resistance without putting tension on your knees. You can control the amount of resistance by selecting the weight that is best to meet your goal.

PARTIAL SQUATS Works: Knees, quads

Although full squats aren't recommended for those with tender knees, partial squats are a great exercise to build strength while protecting the joints.Start by positioning your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed forward.Flex your abs while lowering your upper body as low as is comfortable. Your knees should remain behind your toes throughout the exercise.Find a good knee support product before attempting this exercise, and it's always best to work out with a buddy.

SPEED WALKING Works: Upper, mid and lower body muscles

Running and jogging put stress on bad knees, but speed walking is low impact and great exercise for the whole body. Beginners should stick to flat,smooth surfaces. After your walking muscles are strengthened, you may even be able to take low-impact hikes.Cardio exercise for bad knees doesn't have to cause even more knee pain.

SWIMMING Works: Upper, mid and lower body

Swimming is one of the best exercises for people with bad knees. It's low impact and versatile, and it burns calories quickly. Proper form is crucial, especially while kicking.The knees should not be tensed. Techniques that put stress on the knees (e.g., the frog kick) should be avoided. Also, avoid the traditional pre-lap push off the wall.