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Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi

Computer Navigation Technology in partial knee replacement or in total knee replacement is the most advanced technique guiding joint replacement surgeon more accurately through the implantation of a knee replacement. Dr Atul Mishra is one the pioneer joint replacement surgeon in India done hundreds of cases of Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery using Computer Navigation Technology so far.

Using infrared sensing feature of Computer Navigation System, a knee replacement surgeon can precisely analyze the patient knee anatomy & with that help position the knee implant at exact location without any error; therefore eliminating any chance of post surgical complication. Dr Atul Mishra has gained immense expertise & precision in this technology carrying out hundreds of successful minimal invasive total knee replacement surgeries in Delhi; therefore, improving the short term and long term functioning & performance of the knee replacement

result for total knee replacement

In computer navigation technique for knee replacement surgery, a joint replacement surgeon uses the infrared sensor to digitally mark and map the anatomy of the knee and adjacent structures which are the femur and tibia. Using most advanced software of navigation system, surgeon is able to analyze the exact position of the knee and precisely evaluate current deformities and bone loss. This information is very important for any joint replacement surgeon for any change need to made in bone, ligament balancing and exact placement of implant with the help of computer navigation system. A minimally invasive joint replacement surgeon can see in computer, during the operation, the preoperative 3D image of the anatomy of the knee and the planned anatomy of the knee, helping surgeon to interpret this data in order to accurately establishing the desired or normal patient anatomy. This offers patient post operatively to regain the maximum function and motion of knee replacement.

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